So many people are either trying to lose weight or have done in the past and failed. This is where the term yo-yo dieting comes from. Currently the UK is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Current estimates place roughly 1 in 4 UK adults as obese.

Across the world, in 2016, 39% of women and 39% of men aged 18 and over were overweight. [World Health Organisation]

The messages are clear and we know the health benefits of losing weight. We also know about the links obesity has to both our long term physical and mental health. So why is it that we find it so difficult to make the changes and lose weight? The answer is quite simple really. We are creatures of habit. Let me explain…but before I do let’s see my 3 golden rules.
That doesn’t mean we can’t change though. It takes some work but it is entirely possible, for everyone!
My 3 golden rules for weight loss are:

1. Know how much energy your body needs.

By knowing this you can work out how much food you need to eat. If you eat more than your body needs it naturally stores some of the excess as fat. There are loads of online calculators that will help you with working out your recommended calorie intake depending on your goal. There are a number of different equations you can use to do this. The most accurate in my opinion, and the one used most widely in the UK is the Schofield equation.

2. Know what you put in!

Eat only the energy required from food according to your goal. For weight loss to happen you need to eat less than your body needs (calorie deficit). This is, very broadly, to encourage your body to metabolise the body fat you’ve got stored as energy and therefore lose weight.
To lose weight safely and lose roughly 1 lb (approx 1/2 Kilo) a week you’ll need to eat around 500 calories less than your body uses. This doesn’t have to mean starving yourself. If you try and cut too many calories you can do yourself harm so a longer term approach is best!

3. Behaviour change!

This is the bit most of us find difficult. It all boils down to changing your behaviour. Changing what or how much you eat and exercising more. Sounds easy right? But time and time again this is where people fall down (or off the wagon). There is no silver bullet for weight loss. Certainly not a safe one, that I know of.
As humans, we find it really difficult to change our behaviour. A study in the US revealed that 50% of people who had been prescribed life saving drugs had stopped taking them. This is despite the fact the drugs could literally save their life! It sounds shocking and you may be thinking, as I did, that they’re just stupid. Why wouldn’t you take them if they save your life? Except it’s not stupid, it’s human nature. That doesn’t mean we can’t change though. It takes some work but it is entirely possible, for everyone! This is the whole reason we started The Habit Foundry. To help people form new habits and achieve their goals.
You can succeed, I promise!
Being realistic, taking small steps towards your goal and being consistent is the key! That’s where the team at The Habit Foundry come in.

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